Wednesday, 20 October 2010

UK Defence cuts are an insult to our troops !


I mean, what the hell does Cameron and his band of idiots think they are doing by yet again reducing the strength of our fighting force whilst unbelievably still expecting them to be actively engaged in 2 major operations in the Middle east?

When I joined the RAF in 1983 I remember during my basic training at RAF Swinderby, that the RAF manpower level during that year was something around 85'000 the time I left the RAF 12 years later it was at around 49' Whitehall want more scalps.

The news that the government are also planning to decommission one of our aircraft carriers (Ark Royal) and leave the other without aircraft for several years is beyond belief.
When I was a young lad during the early eighties I remember watching the war for the Falklands unfold before my very eyes, probably the first time that such up to date info about a conflict had been broadcast to the British public. I especially remember the role that was played by the Sea Harrier force that was deployed to the South Atlantic and the magnificent job that they did in helping us to defeat the invading Argentines even though they were outnumbered by a huge margin. Obviously Cameron and his bunch of axe wielding farts have a very short memory, and as such they seriously think that they would be able to carry out an operation such as the Falkands repatriation with NO AIR SUPPORT? ...what a bunch of first class dick heads!

Only a few months ago we heard that Oil and gas fields with potentially huge reserves had been found in waters around the Falklands. Obviously the Argentines took the news badly. Now we announce that we are scrapping one aircraft carrier and will have bugger all aircraft deployed on the other, if you were the leader of Argentina wouldn't you fancy your chances in any future conflict?

I have heard it said that there was a possibility that France could "lend" us a carrier if we needed one....well they were such a help in the last Falklands gig selling the Argentinians those lovely Exocet missiles that proved so effective!

Hey, Mr Cameron, why don't you complete the nightmare and sell the surplus carrier to the Argentines? That would really prove what a top knob you if we need any more proof.


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