Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Another busy day at the office !

Wow.Phone calls, emails and letters are coming in by the bucket full at the mo, and yet there still seems to be a multitude of things that still need to be tied up.
Yesterday saw the car in the workshop at the Pitstop garage (Sleaford) having an oil change and fuel filter change....and she has to go back on Friday for new front brake pads (well spotted Pitstop!) and an air filter.
Today my new insurance documents arrived via email, i had a call from Darren at Vodafone, setting up the mobile broadband account that they have so generously donated to allow myself and Glen to keep in touch during our little excursion, and i printed off the details sent to me by those luvvly people at P&O ferries, who have allowed us a free return trip to France ....and back ...amazing :-)
I spoke to Paul from the Lincolnshire CO-OP yesterday, who has arranged to get a cheque for £200 sent over to us to pay towards the cost of the Morocco crossing......nice one !
Just need to write out a "proper" list now of all the things we will require during our trip..although i know that i am bound to forget something, forgetfulness is an attribute of mine...
For those that would like to track our progress, simply log on to this site and we will attempt to keep you informed of each days proceedings with a daily dairy...sorry diary..oopss !

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