Saturday, 20 September 2008

The end ?

No way ! :-). After myself and Glen have had some rest we will then get on with the job of sorting through eh hundreds of photographs, and the many hours of video, to bring you a concise report of the whole trip...well the bits we can remember anyway !. I am back at work on the 22nd September and i believe that the same goes for Glen, so you will have to bear with us as we check,label and compile our little "travelogue" to give you an idea of what almost 4000 miles in 8.5 days in a Scirocco (a la trailer) looks like. Stay tuned !
By the way, did you notice subtle change that we have made to our challenge logo ?. We thought that it was only fair to set the record straight as to our final destination at the conclusion of our little adventure.Then again, i think that it has something of a ring to the name.....cushty !:-).
And hot off of the press here is Glen's first taster for our forthcoming blockbuster about our adventure...
Don't you just love YouTube ? :-)

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