Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The boys (and old girl) are back in town....

Well, Scarlett delivered us back to England safely on Monday afternoon at about 4.45pm UK time and had me back to my house for 5.50pm. My dad was on hand with his video camera to film us arriving at the house and to help us unpack all my stuff into the garage. After a few cups of much needed coffee, Andy set off on the 3 hr journey back to Sleaford on his own and I sat at home with my wife Rachel reliving the last few days of stories and wondering if he would make it home safely. I need not have worried though as he rang from Sleaford at about 10pm to say he was home safe (well at the local takeaway at least!!)

I now have 6gb of film and photos to sort through which will be fun, but Im going to leave that for a few days I think - right now a day or twos R+R sounds good.

So, the big question - how many miles did we cover? Well, the driven distance was - 3929
Total Distance inc ferry crossing - 3979

I have been saying a few thankyous to people today and was asked on a few occasions "was it difficult?" I think on reflection the hardest part for me was to see the car drive away. Scarlett has been our home, transport and protector for the last 9 days and I must say I miss her already. She never skipped a beat just as in her "Roc-around-the-clock" challenge last year and although her front suspension and bearings were tired and the exhaust noisy on her return, I think I would trust that car to the end of the earth and back for reliability. They really dont make them like that any more.

So big thankyous to Andy for resisting the temptation of getting up in the middle of the night and leaving me behind, Scarlett for getting us there and back and leaving us with some fond memories and of course to our families for putting up with us both for the last 9 months.

Im tired now - Im off for a beer.

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