Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Greetings from Sunny ((ish) Spain !

Hi People.Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog, but we have been pushing on to get as far into Espania as possible over the last few days since leaving France via those big rock type things called the Pyrenees mountains !.

We stayed in a campsite last night called El Greco in a City called Toledo.This was absolute bliss as it was the fist time since we stayed at the hotel in Le Volcane that we have not had to spend a night couped up in the car...and believe me there is not much room in a Scirocco even with most of the gear in the trailer !.
Food wise we have been living on whatever comes along.Garlic sausage from France,Spanish sandwiches (?) and Erm....Spam and new potatoes from Sainsbury's.

We are currently in a lay by about 99 miles from Malaga, and when there we will decide if it is good to push on to Gibraltar to sort the ferry.
Regarding the ferry, we have had to make new arrangements due to time/sailing to morocco, and even now the challenge is very much uncertain due to this being a very busy period for ferry crossings, and the nightmare of trying to arrange the crossing whilst on the the fact that our Spanish is what you may term......rubbish !.

The scenery has been fantastic, it has however rained for most of the trip today so we feel right at home with that :-).

We have uploaded some pictures now, and will hopefully get more sorted soon.
If you would like to Text us call : 07900492460 (Text only as this is the laptop number) Ta!
Keep watching for more updates.Andy and glen

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Kaz & Pete said...

Buenos Noches Andy and Glen.

Hope the trip is going well. Your links don't work on your blog page.

Safe journey

Kaz & Pete