Tuesday, 23 September 2008

When Sciroccos attack!!

I managed to get all the way to Morocco with no incident. Andy hurt his foot, but I got away without injury.....until I got home!

I was parked up at a petrol station on Friday to get some bits and bobs for the house and on getting out of the car I noticed I was parked very close to a high kerb. I made a mental note to be careful on my return to the car as I did not want to damage the paint and went on my merry way to get the supplies I needed.

Of course when I returned I forgot completely about the whole thing and proceeded to open the door and decend into the car as you normally would in one fluid motion. The door hit the kerb with force and bounced back at me with speed, pinning me under the ribs between the car and the corner of the door. Needless to say it hurt a bit and I slumped into the car!

Now at this point damage control was in order, so I did the important stuff first.....looked around to see if anyone had seen and was laughing! No, I had got away with it and was free to wince and groan for a few seconds. Next I got out to check the door for damage. NOT A SCRATCH! So I prceeded home noting that the pain was rather intense for a bruise.

Saturday and Sunday passed and the pain upgraded from ' a bit annoying' to 'I cant breathe or lay on my side'. It wa at this point that my wife stepped in and insisted on a trip to A+E. It was there, after a few hours wait, that I learned I had fractured 2 maybe 3 ribs!

So now Im off work AGAIN feeling sorry for myself and trying not to laugh / move / breathe in case I hurt myself again. At least Ive got some decent pain killers I suppose - Andy didnt have that luxury for his foot in Morocco.....

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