Monday, 15 September 2008

Look out UK here we come !

Having spent the night in a campsite in mid France at a place called Chateau Renault, we were up with the lark, or rather the duck as we were next to a river, packed away and all set to hit the road again...except for the fact that the nice lady at the campsite doesn't open the gates until 8am !. Having peeped out of her window and seeing our frustrated faces she must have had taken pity at the rather tired looking pair of Englishmen sat trapped at the exit, so she came out at 7.45 and after a jolly "bon voyage" we were off again and heading for Paris...again !.

Glen has taken the first stint at the wheel, but we will be changing over around Paris and I will be getting us to Calais were we hope to be able to board anything with a P&O logo that is headed back to the UK.

Mileage wise we are hitting the 3500+ mark and we still have around 180 to go before reaching Calais. Car is performing brilliantly and the fuel economy has remained at approx 32-34 MPG during the trip except for the trek over the Pyrenees which hit us harder and dropped the MPG down to around 28.

We are now down to our last 50 euro's and have one Jerry can of fuel in the "No2 Boot" (Trailer !).

Myself and Glen are quite tired after pushing hard for the last 3 days, and my back ache has not improved much since we set off last Saturday,probably due to posture in the car and several nights in a tent and a few in the car also.

We have decided however to apply to the Guinness book of records under the category "Travel (almost) to Morocco and back without the assistance of sunglasses" as it occurred to us today that throughout the whole trip neither of us has worn any form of shades !

Oh, yeah, if anyone is planning a "surprise party" to mark our homecoming, can they ensure that they have either Fish and chips or a Kentucky chicken dinner to hand, as both myself and Glen are starting to suffer signs of withdrawal due to lack of either for well over a week ! :-)

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