Saturday, 6 September 2008

Back pain,rain and staying sane !

Wow, it's now officially the 6th Sept (well 12.29 am anyway), and what a day the 5th was.
It was the day that i cleaned,loaded and prepped the car...well that was until i pulled a muscle in my back early in the morning (trying to lift a rather heavy 5 year old out of his bed !).The result was that i was in rather a lot of pain for the whole day, and as a result of that the plans for completing all the outstanding "things to do" went out of the window :-(.
Having attempted to overdose myself on painkillers (hint...always read the dose instuctions BEFORE you swallow the tablets, not just as you are digesting them !), took 2 ibuprofen EXTRA Strong at once...supposed to be 3 a day..oooppps !.I popped down to Pitstop for them to fit the new front brake pads and the air filter (thanks again fellas !), attempted to pack clothes,update the 2 laptops, set up the usb dongle sent via Vodafone (thanks Vodafone !) and ensure that all the required documents were safely packed...not easy when it is impossible to do little more than shuffle along at snail pace !.
Anyway, i have had a bath, put on a wheaty bag and hopefully when i wake later this morning i will feel a lot better...i hope !.
Glen and Rachel are staying just up the road in Grantham, and will be meeting me at the show around 9..ish.
Off to bed for me now, goodnight !

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