Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday...Off to the seaside @ Mablethorpe

As non of us really knew what to do today, and as all of us dragged ourselves out of our beds well after 10am (whoops!), we decided to go out for the day somewhere close to home. After the traditional yelling and screaming (and the kids are even worse!) about not knowing were shoes had gone, who had moved mobile phones ( resulting in the mandatory "call it and follow the ring" malarkey), we made a flask of coffee, loaded up the kite (never used, but always taken....mmm!) we set off to make the 54 mile trip to the seaside.
Upon arrival we sat in the car enjoying the view from our favorite car park with it's elevated location, looking out across a rather grey sea under a rather grey be honest it was hard to figure out were the sea stopped and the sky began,but what the heck, we were on the coast, and the aroma of fish and chips was in the air.....lovely :-).
We took our amassed collection of 2 pence coins into the arcade, fed them to a variety off slot machines and came out 20 mins later penniless, but Lauren had managed to win (?) a nice plastic...thing so that was good. Oh happy days :-).
After a short stroll along the beach on the way back to the car, during which "mini me" decided he wanted to take his shoes off for a swift paddle, then decided that he didn't like wet sand,then decided that walking was not fun and hitched a lift with dad !, we set off back home and ended our bank holiday Monday with a traditional English supper.....from the local Chinese takeaway!.....lovely grub :-)

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