Monday, 27 April 2009

The leukaemia girl and the baby brother who couldn't be her saviour

this is a story that i find terribly sad because i know that the information about the stem cell collection is incorrect in some aspects.
Anyone who has been reading this blog for any amount of time will know that i have reported about the work of the Anthony Nolan Trust Cord Blood collection service and the free service that they offer to new mums at the Kings College Hospital in London. Now i realise that the couple in the story wanted to ensure that the cord blood collected was used for their own child's treatment, but surely if the siblings cord blood was compatible then the ANT would possibly be able to match them and use the cord blood to treat the young girl anyway ?
I suppose the saddest thing about this story is that the couple allowed the hospital to dispose of the cord blood in the end, but had they been treated at the Kings College hospital they could have asked for the CB to be collected by The ANT and saved, perhaps to help another child with leukaemia ?. If nothing else, this just shows how much we need to try and get cord blood collection services in more hospitals in the UK

Read the story on the Daily Mail website here:

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