Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Help...i think my flow meters are breeding !

Yet again I had another intense and fascinating day at work engaged in the nightmare that is "the hospital move". I found myself darting between fixing hospital beds when there was a sudden need for an extra few.Fetching and carrying everything but the kitchen sink from A-B via C,D,E and F (come to think of it i am sure that i did have a sink at some point!), then, after all of these fun and games in the AM, i found myself once more sat at a bench, but this time it was not 150 suction units (although i did some of those as well!), this time it was 100 or so Oxygen flow meters...oh bliss !.

I got to a point during the servicing of these suckers when i was convinced that they were actually breeding on my desk (eeuurgghh!), as no matter how many i seemed to be completing, more suddenly appeared for my attention. Eventually, after a couple of hours i managed to get them sorted, although as this is far from the end of the hospital move finale, i am sure that i will get to experience the fun and games of sorting out a few more hundred bits of medical gear in a short while.....can't wait !

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