Sunday, 26 April 2009

Why Microsoft should go to the wall....and be shot ! :-)

XBOX 360.......what right have Microsoft to sell such a piece of junk ? The machine is the most unreliable console that I have ever had the misfortune to own. Ok, when it works, it rocks, but you are always waiting for the damn thing to break down, and when it does the options for repair tend to involve sending it away to Microsoft for repair.
After managing to sort out the RROD (Red Ring of Death !) problem that causes the 360 to overheat, spending money then on new games,wireless hand controls and a 20GB hard rive, imagine my annoyance when the bl**dy thing started to tell me that "To play this disk, put it into an xbox 360 console"....erm, well it IS in an Xbox console,but it appears to be knackered...again!.
Don't you love the way that computers place the blame on the user ? It tells me that i need to put the DVD (which it is not,it is a game!) in a 360, as if it is me that is at fault !...the cheeky git !.

If you do a quick search on the net about the RROD and read errors on the 360,along with sticking drive doors,broken door covers etc, it appears that consoles that work for more than 12 months without experiencing a failure of some kind are something of a rarity, and that in essence Microsoft are as good at releasing games consoles full of potential faults as they are at releasing operating systems that are finally bug free and "updated" around about the time that its replacement comes onto the market ! How the hell did Mr Gates get so rich selling such dodgy gear ?
As it now appears that the Xbox is yet again stuffed, i will shortly be selling it along with the various games,controls and add ons, and buying something a little more reliable....such as a 30 year old Atari :-)

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