Saturday, 11 April 2009

Whoopee! blood test results came....but what do they mean !

Today,the postman..sorry, post lady, brought an extra special letter for me which contained (drum roll!) blood results :-).
The good news is that i now, after almost 4 months, have actually got them, the bad news is that apart from the results of my Cholesterol check (a very average 5.0) which i believe to be OK, i have not got a Scooby Doo (clue) what the rest of the figures are telling me :-( .Now i just have to wait until the 12th May when I get to speak to Tim Mooby (my new consultant) at King's Mill Hospital, that I will get the lowdown on what my current state of health this space ;-).

Also today (Saturday) whilst i popped down to the shops for some loo roll,milk and chocolate (this was to do some kiddie cooking with...chocolate crispies,yum!)I was suddenly overcome with what i guess would be termed an "impulse buy". Now i am not really the sort to do this sort of thing, but on this occasion it was quite spontaneous, and what is stranger is that it was not a piece of technology (my normal weakness when it comes to buying things that i could really do without), it was simply a picture, in the window of a charity shop in Sleaford, and it was of an image which almost made me cry when i looked at crazy is that ?
The picture is simple, and it is of a white dove descending from a cold grey sky.....that's all...but the unexpected and unexplained emotion that it stirred in me was immediate, and as such, i just had to buy it, for the princely sum of £5.99.
Maybe there is some truth in the saying that "A picture speaks a thousand words" after all :-)

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