Tuesday, 7 April 2009

This years holiday Plans.

To be honest, last years holiday was pretty much non existent.The trip to Gib and back in 9 and a half days cannot be really filed under the heading "Rest and relaxation", and i am pretty sure that my family would like to be able to have a bit of that this year after putting up with my (almost?) fanatical pursuit that was the Scirocco 2 Morocco trip in 2008.
This year then, we are hoping to be able to get some "quality" family time together somewhere in the UK,possibly Devon or Cornwall, but as of this moment we have not decided 100%.
I think that whatever or wherever we decide to go in the end, we owe it to ourselves to try and have as good a time as we possibly can,and as long as we manage to pick a week when the good old British weather decides to give us a little sunshine, i am sure that we will all benefit from the experience.
I will try my best not to get too annoyed at the blatant exploitation that is demonstrated by the great British holiday host, when they add a few hundred extra to their weekly holiday rate knowing full well that most of us are obliged to shell it out without choice due to us all being controlled by the school holiday system.I recently looked into the costs of some holiday cottages and found the price difference between the start of June (kids at school) and the middle of July (school holiday season!) was something around an extra £250 per week more!...how do these people sleep at night....probably on mattresses full of banknotes i would guess ! :-).....oh well, we will just have to bit the bullet and see i suppose.

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