Tuesday, 14 April 2009

This week I will be mostly sorting out suction units !

Oh bliss.Just spent the whole day repairing,maintaining and moving around suction units and oxygen flow meters for the new hospital move.In fact,today i have serviced around 100 flow meters and 150 suction units! Why ? Well as you can imagine, we can't "nick" the oxygen and suction units from the old wards when the patients are still hooked up to them (the staff/patients would get a little miffed at that!), and we can't supply new equipment to all of the wards in the new building ready for the arrival of the patients after their move.So we have to "recycle" the current equipment from one ward to the next, so that there is a full set of medical equipment at both sides of the journey from old to new, then, when the old ward is closed, we go in and remove the current devices, service them, and reuse them for the next ward move!.All in all a very time consuming but necessary operation. Unfortunately for me, i have been "turning around" a constant flow of both suction units (the yellow and grey devices with a gauge on the top and a filter at the bottom) and flow meters (the clear vertical tubes that they use to meter the amount of oxygen given to a patient).See, read this blog and you will learn all sorts of amazing things!......hang on, can i hear you snoring ? :-)

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