Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday..time for an egg hunt then !

I took 2 of the kids (Rachel and Andy Jr...or "mini me" as we call him!)to a National Trust house just outside of Grantham,Linc's, to take part in the annual Easter egg hunt.Not so much an egg hunt, as a clue hunt!. Upon paying your £1.50 for each child, you are given a sheet of paper and a pencil, then sent off on your way to follow clues, gather random letters of the alphabet (which made up the names of spring flowers!), then return to the house to collect your prize...yes, you guessed it...a chocolate egg :-)
Even though it was a pretty overcast day, with the occasional rain "drizzle", i can honestly say that the walk around those fantastic gardens was so nice, and was a great way to get some fresh air and exercise whilst i am still suffering from this awful ruddy chesty cold...again.
Mission accomplished,clutching 2 chocolate eggs, we returned to the car, then drove home for a nice chicken Sunday dinner...lovely :-)

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