Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A quick comment about climate change............

Just been emailed about a community channel film called "The age of stupid". It apparently is set in the future and tells the story of an old guy who looks at video clips from 2008 and asks the question "Why did we not act on climate change?".
The film tries to gt across how "stupid" we all are whilst living our modern lives, and the impact it has on the climate of the planet. A very noble subject you would think.However the blurb then goes on to explain how the crew travelled the world to get footage for their project and in turn they also contribute to the effects of climate change.
They get around this by documenting their carbon footprint details....excluding those of course of their prospective audiences that are obviously not going to walk to the cinema's !.
I find this whole climate change thing rather confusing, and have recently heard eveidence that ALL of the planets in our system are warming up, it appears to be a routine quirk of nature.Who is right then? Is climate change such a big deal, or are we all being taken for a ride by the scremongers who use the subject to produce interesting films and documenteries..or maybe they work for the govermnet and just want to find another excuse to slam in a new "stealth tax" on motorists?
 This is their webpage which tells of how they produced over 150,000 kgs of carbon footprint during the production and promotion of this film........sounds like someones being a bit hypocritical to me !.


Besides, according to Google, cows fart more CO2 than we produce with our engines, so why not stick bags on their bums, collect the gas, save the planet and utilise a natural resource? Naaaa that would not make such a shocking subject matter would it :-)...funny though :-)

Don't believe me?....check this out.....  http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/cow-emissions-more-damaging-to-planet-than-cosub2sub-from-cars-427843.html

Told you :-)

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