Friday, 13 November 2009

Spoke to Kamahl the other day.....what a nice guy :-)

Yesterday, at around 12:25 PM UK time I made a call to Kamahl in Australia.I had been trying to speak to him for some time, but due to the time difference, work commitments on both our parts etc it has taken quite a while for us both to be able to have a chat.

Now as international singing stars go, I don't have much experience of talking to them, and even less of trying to interview them, especially by phone!, but Kamahl, I am glad to say, is a most approachable fellow, and once he realised it was me on the line we spent 5 or 6 minutes discussing his recollections of his visit to Shirley and Anthony during the mid 1970's.

Of course me being me, I had not got very organised before the call (situation normal then!) so I simply asked him to describe the meeting he had that day when he and his wife dropped in to 8 high street Manston,Kent.

Kamahl did remember many details, but felt that he needed a little time to discuss the event with Sohondra so that they could give me a more detailed account. To that end he has asked me to give him a few days to recall in more clarity his visit, but also said that he had some pictures that he took during the visit which I would be welcome to see.

Many thanks then to Kamahl who thankfully turned out to be not just approachable and helpful in my research, but also a very pleasant and genuine person too :-)

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