Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Yesterday was very special but also very sad......but ultimately inspiring....

Because yesterday marked one year since Joel Picker-Spence passed away after his brave and inspiring fight with Leukaemia.
I guess that no one would know how it feels to lose a child as his mum Ann ,his dad Dan and his brother and sister Shaun and Eva did, and i have the upmost respect for the way that they have coped with this tradgedy over the last 12 months.
His mum Ann has been tirelessly working with the Anthony Nolan Trust organising bone marrow donor recruitment events throughout the East Midlands, and Dan Eva and Shaun have been there to support her in her valiant efforts to try and help others to be spared the heartache that this family have undoubtably endured over the last year, and in the 3+ years after Joels diagnosis when they tried as hard as any mortal being could to save his young life.
Don't look to the myriads of celebrities who clog up our TV,radio and newspapers for inspiration......look instead to the "normal" people like the Picker-Spence family if you want to seek an example of the strength of the human spirit when faced with extreme adversity.
It has been said before that "Negative situations can often result in surprisingly positive outcomes", and i am sure that with the work that Ann has been doing in recruiting many more to the Anthony Nolan register, many more children like Joel will have a "positive outcome", thanks to the dedication of Ann and her great family.

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