Sunday, 1 November 2009

Bluetooth...why is it so bluedy rubbish ?

I have just spent an hour trying to get my Fujistu Amilo 3670 to accept a picture file from my Sony Ericsson W395. All I want to do is transfer a picture of Lauren's horse (almost!) from the phone to the Laptop...easy yes? NO!.

The phone will accept files from the laptop, the laptop can "see" the phone and the phone can "see" the laptop...but the phone cannot apparently send anything to the laptop because it can't see it to send it too....confused, yes, so am I...I mean...WTF is going on here ?

I have now given up with this VERY annoying process and decided that Bluetooth is a load of Bluelocks (think about it!) :-).

I will go and buy a card reader 2morro and end this fruitless pursuit before i waste anymore of my life doing ar.........

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