Thursday, 5 November 2009

If someone hit your car in Newark on the 4th November, read this !

Just a quick note to the person who's car was hit by another on a roundabout in Newark Upon Trent at approx 7:55 on the 4th November.
I saw the accident and the other car involved, and also noted that the guy/gal that side swiped your motor decided not to stop after the collision !.
You were driving a '52 plate Gold Renault Clio, and the other person had a dark blue Peugeot.The car that hit you as you went around the roundabout had the registration number Y591 ANH.
I was behind this car until the next roundabout when it then pulled into the petrol station/service area.

Just in case the other driver was one of these that thinks they can get away with it, i decided to post this info.

If the collision was resolved later let me know and I will remove the post...if not, i will leave it live :-)

After suffering the same annoying experience myself on 2 occasions I hope that you get this sorted my friend !

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