Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Buy Rage Against the Machine and block cowell's chart domination.....

I don't normally get involved in petty demo's against things, but after being brought to the end of my tether this year by the constant attempts at world music domination by Simon Cowell and his mind numbing "talent" drivel in the form of BGT and X Factor(y), i have decided for the sake of all "real" hard working musician's who are made to watch as this circus unfolds and through laughable manipulation of the media, ensures that one of Mr Cowell's "clones" has yet another chart No1.
It is not a level playing field, nor is it doing any good for the music industry.It picks fun and riducules the sad individuals who sometimes do actually think they can sing, but then it transpires that they deffinately can't.

Simoan (not a mis spelling!) complained this week that people who oppose his music show tidalwave are somehow out to ruin his party........well perhaps they are....i wonder why :-)

To buy the "alternative" Christmas No1 click HERE to go to the Amazon site.Only 29p but you may just help to save the music industry in the UK....and possibly the world !.

This is a link to the Official Facebook Group (There is a back up group because strangely (!) the original keeps disappearing from the Facebook site!) Click HERE to see the campaign Facebook group.

Please...give the gift of MUSIC generously this year.

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