Sunday, 20 December 2009

Slowmotion Apocalypse Guitarist NICOLAS MILANESE Diagnosed With Leukaemia

A statement from the band's official page reads: "Unfortunately, this time we're writing for giving you bad news (sic). Only few (sic) days ago we discovered Nicolas suffers from leukaemia. He will have to go through a rather long period of therapy and this won't allow him to give his contribution to the life of Slowmotion Apocalypse.

"We're all shocked and as a band we decided to wait for him to be able to have a normal life and to be able to play with us again. We are therefore taking a pause for an indeterminate period of time. All our shows are cancelled. We're sure you'll understand the reasons of our choice.
"A special message to all our friends: Nicolas needs first of all to have a rest. We ask you not to call him but rather send him text messages."

S2M wishes Nicolas well in his leukaemia journey.

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