Thursday, 24 December 2009

Why does the world go mad when the snow falls ?

Having now had snow on the ground for 6 days i have witnessed quitea few examples of the Great British Publics crazy behaviour during such conditions.For Example:

Why do people insist on walking on slippery roads which are carrying  numerous cars travelling sideways so that they don't fall over on the pavements? Is being run over by a car less painful than falling on your backside ?

Drivers who insist on driving in snow,fog and ice without any form of lighting on their vehicles.....are they wearing night goggles or something? Sadly I would guess that the other folk on the road are not, so they stand a good chance of causing or being involved in some sort of bump and will hear those immortal words "Sorry mate, i didn't see you"...which is of course highly likely !.

Shops in Sleaford appear to have not bothered salting thier car parks or paths this year.I overheard a lady telling another customer that it was "If we salt and someone falls over we are liable", "So health and safety suggest that we leave people to make thier own clearway and so avoid litigation if they slip"!.....I have not confirmed this fact, but having heard of other hairbrained rules and regulations over the last few years, i can't say that i would be surprised if it was true.

As my old Gran used to say "There's nowt as strange as folk" !

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