Saturday, 5 December 2009

Fujitsu Amilo 3670 Laptop is great...but has a few "issues" !

Having had my Amilo 3670 for a couple of months I am really quite impressed with it so has a few annoying/niggling "issues" that I am at a loss to resolve !.

The laptop has a good quality feel to it, and it seems to be screwed together really well in comparison to my (now 3 year old) Dell 9300.
The specifications are really quite good for a home laptop, these are:

Screen 18.4" HD "clearview" TFT
Hard Drive 500GB
Memory is an adequate 4GB
Graphics is 512MB NVidia Geoforce
Bluetooth,HDMI Output and WiFi connections are standard
The Optical drive is Blu Ray.

So what are the issues?

Well, the touch control sound slider (volume) has a mind of its own, and has a habit of increasing or decreasing the volume when it feels like it!.
Sometimes the screen freezes and the resolution drops to 640x480 when recovering from standby.
When surfing the net, the screen "shrinks" by a few lines each time the screen is refreshed...eventually you end up with just the top few inches of the webpage and have to scroll down to see the remaining area!.

Has anyone else got one of these machines ?If you do, do you have similar problems?
If you answer "yes" to the above questions...can you contact me and tell me if you managed to resolve them :-).

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