Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Thanks again to the Guys at Pitstop Garage Sleaford.....

Monday saw Scarlett going into Pitstop garage in Sleaford for her yearly MOT Test. I had popped in to see them at quite short notice after Heron Volkswagen (my regular MOT people) failed to get back to me before the current certificate was expired.
Thankfully Chris and John and the other guys at the garage stepped in to save the day, and the result ?

Well, after a few "adjustments", Scarlett has a crisp new MOT.

There were a few minor problems such as the wiper blades being rather tatty (replaced),the rear wheel bearings had slightly too much play (tightened), nearside headlamp assembly was loose and needed adjustment (fastened,adjusted) and the nearside alloy was slightly buckled ("Persuaded" back into shape!).

In addition to the MOT, they also carried out an oil and filter change and the whole lot (including labour,parts,tax etc) came to the rather agreeable sum of  £135!.

I would really like to say again just how much I appreciate the help that this local garage has given me over the last few years, and would advise anyone who lives in the Sleaford area to go to this establishment if you want good, honest and reliable service for reasonable money.

Cheers Guys :-)

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