Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Why you shouldn't sell your gold or mobiles to companies who advertise on TV!......

Having done a little research recently into the recent flood of companies asking you to sell your Mobile phones or Gold to them it would seem that there is a very good reason that they seem so keen to aquire your stuff, most obviously, they are offering you an absolutely awful rate of return !.

Lets take the Postal Gold companies for instance. Why don't they tell you on the adverts what you should expect to get for your gold items? Well, perhaps it is because they (on average) will give you approx £1.34 per ounce for 9 carat gold.And the current market value of 9 carat gold?.....Oh, about £6.00 per ounce!.A slight difference you will agree.No wonder the adverts for these companies are multiplying by the day.

These are the prices quoted for the following companies.Bear in mind that brokers had been paying £6.00+ Per gram when these figures were attained in November 2009.That is a BIG difference !

Cash My Gold - £1.34 per gram - £1.48 per gram

Money4Gold - £1.55 per gram

Cash 4 Gold - £1.90 per gram

Your Cash For Gold - £3.67 per gram

GoldenOwl - £3.54 per gram

Cash Your Gold Now - £4.00 per gram

Post Gold For Cash - £5.13 per gram.

This is a good site to view before you sell your gold.Click HERE for enlightenment!
Try this one HERE  for more information before you send your gold anywhere !

How about Mobile phone "recycling" companies? Of course they are encouraging us to send them our old mobiles, but as regards recycling.....anything above 3 years old you may as well give to charity for the pittance they are offering. I checked the value of my 2.5 year old (as then) Sony W850i a few months ago and was stunned to learn that this phone, which cost over £130 new, was valued at only £15!...and that was on condition that it had a charger and was working!.I sold it on Ebay for £39 + P&P a week later, a slightly better deal i think you will agree. Don't even try to sell them your old Nokia 6110 or the likes, cos it appears that their efforts to save the planet are only relevant if it makes them money.

The answer then is to take your gold to your local jeweller and sell your Mobile under 3 years old on Ebay, then perhaps you will get just a little more cash in your pocket, and not be furnishing the deep ones of the TV advertising companies.

Bahhh Humbug :-) Merry Crimbo folks!

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2Irene said...

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