Sunday, 20 December 2009

Not posted for a few days. Time for an update then !

Lets start on Thursday night when,after a quick trip to Newark hospital,I was stopped at a junction on the way home by traffic lights.I was just pulling away from them when...BUMP! I was rear ended by a Nissan Micra !.
I remember thinking that this was just so bl++dy typical...last day at work,last drive home and this happens.I put on the hazzard lights,jumped out and took a quick look to see what the damage was.
Aren't towbars wonderful things ? Mine took the full impact of the collision and saved my arse..well the cars arse anyway!.Sadly the lady who hit me (and who was very apologetic) was not quite so fortunate and lost her front reg plate.I took her details and then told her that i would call if we needed to go further pending a more thorough examination the next day.After doing this, it was clear that the damage was zero,so i will not be calling the lady and hope that the worry of an insurance claim can now be deleted from her "to do" list this Christmas :-)
Sadly, the following day, after dropping off the kids at thier respective schools, i had another bump,this time due to the recent heavy snowfall and bad luck.
After dropping off number 3 sprogg, i was making my way home along a very wet and slushy Grantham Road when,attempting to turn into Ancaster Drive, i hit an area of very slippy and compacted snow.The result? The car decided it did not want to go around the corner, and instead it slammed into the kerb...only at about 6-7mph, but OUCH did it go with a hell of a bang!.Upon first examination it appeared that I had only dented the alloy wheel on the passenger side, but after getting back in the car and driving the remaining 3-400 yards to our home, i knew it was a lot worse than just that.
When your front wheel is rubbing against the rear of your front arch, you know somethings wrong, and in this case it was due to the front wheel having been pushed back by some 2-3 inches...not good!.
To cut a long story short, i called the folks at PitStop Garage in Sleaford who managed to not only repair the car in 5 hours, but presented me with a bill for a lot less than i had imagined it would have been :-) (About the same as our insurance excess!).So thanks once again to John,Chris and the crew for saving my bacon once more!(Hope you enjoy the Stella Artois fella's!)
The snow is still with us today (Sunday) and there was a very lighht sprinkle of it again last night, but not much (thank goodness!). Yesterday I took 2 of the kids sledging and we had a great time...i had forgotten what it was like to have fun like do as you get older sadly.

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