Friday, 14 May 2010

Fuel costs sky high? Remember to shake and save after you pump!


In a recent study carried out by Fuelstat (UK) in which they observed and recorded the fuel filling habits of the British motorist,it was found that on average over half of those questioned did not bother to "shake" the pump filler head after use, and by not doing so unwittingly replaced it back into it's holder with fuel still inside.

This may not sound to be much of a issue, but when you consider that (on average) the remaining fuel in the head can be as much as 2ml it means that for every 500 fill ups when the driver does not bother to "shake" one litre of fuel is either left in the pump heads or spilt on the forecourt. If you extend this figure to include all petrol used in the country at all 9500 petrol stations in the UK the figure is then increases to a "loss" of between 9500 and 10000 litres of fuel...per day!, convert this into a monetary figure and you are looking at approx £12'000 per day or......wait for it.........£4,265025 per year.

So, remember to shake after you have pumped and make sure that you get all the fuel that you have paid for!.

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