Wednesday, 19 May 2010

£84 Million Euro Lottery winner to give £70 million to charity!


This would be the headline that would be printed on the front of many newspapers if yours truly was the winner of last weeks Euro Millions. Sadly though it wasn't me, so this headline will have to wait a bit longer to be published :-)

saying that, I have a rather cunning plan to put in place if I should ever be lucky enough to win such an awesome amount of goes like this....

Step 1.Win £84 Million quid

Keep £14 Million to go a bit mad, help family,set up trust funds including a £5 million slush fund to assist people who spend their time doing good deeds!.

Step 2.Contact all the national newspapers and tell them that I intend to donate £70 Million to charity.

Step 3.Ensure that I then ask all the other 760+ people in this country (according to the rich list!) who have more than £84 Million in their bank accounts to dig in and donate at least £10 Million each.


760 x £10 Million = £760,000,000 + my £70'000'000 = £830'000'000 donation to various much good work could that do ?

Of course anyone of the 760+ who was too stingy to donate would be put on the "tight as a gnat's arse" list so that people could see who the really selfish gits where :-)

Wonder if I could claim gift aid on £70 million ? :-)


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