Monday, 17 May 2010

Scirocco 50 LLR portrait now complete,and it looks awesome!

I got an email from Mike Jones today to tell me that he has finished the commissioned picture of Scarlett in her Scirocco 50 LLR "war paint", and my goodness it is indeed an excellent rendition of the car that I have grown so fond of over the last (almost!) 3 years.

As I mentioned before, Mike has had numerous pictures published in both VW and Audi Driver magazines over the years, and this one is apparently the first one he has done in almost 4 years!.

All that now remains to be done is for the picture to be reproduced as a print and then for Mike to Sign them and get them to me.We are planning to limit the run to a maximum of 250 (numbered) prints, and they will be sold for £5.00 each, £4.00 of which from each print will be donated to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Charity (£1.00 per copy to cover costs).

The story of how the Scirocco 50 LLR project came to be will hopefully be being featured in a soon to be published issue of VW Driver magazine, and this will be scheduled to be on sale a few weeks before the GTI International show at Bruntingthorpe in June this year.

Keep watching for details of how to get your own signed print of this car soon. Andy


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Anonymous said...

hey andy i was just wondering where that car show is and when it is so i can make arrangements to come down. because i heard u were gonna send something to me and tom for the show.