Monday, 17 May 2010

Van Jamboree at Newark this weekend

This weekend I am off to a local event at the Newark and Notts Showground (nice to not have to travel 100's of miles for a change!).

The event is taking place over 3 days, the 21st,22nd and 23rd May and promises to offer something for the whole family to enjoy. I will be attending on Friday with my Scirocco a la trailer raising money and awareness for the LLR Charity, and my father in law is going to be taking along his 1972 "Yellow Peril" Beetle for the day to give it a run.

If you have a Camper van,are thinking of buying one (there is a car for sale area!), or you just fancy a day out,pop across to Newark and give it a go.

Here is the link to the VJ website. Van Jamboree 2010

See you there perhaps?



Benn perry said...

Hey andy its benn again i was just wondering if you were still going to go to th vw car show on friday and if so i am thinking of going.

Andy said...

Hi Benn.Yes, still set to go on Friday.Will be arriving around 12 ish with my father in law tagging along in his yellow beetle.I won't bother describing the car i will be in to you as I guess you might have an idea already :-)


Andy said...

Hi Benn.Due to unforeseen circumstances (see latest post!), i will not be going to the Van Jamboree this Friday :-(.Sorry that you won't be able to get a proper look at your design, but hopefully see you Monday mate! :-)