Saturday, 29 May 2010

iPad now available in the UK, but do you REALLY want one?


I saw a comment in a newspaper the other day that suggested that far from Apple being now being the supplier of "good times" gadgets to people who want to shun the shirt and tie image of all things Microsoft related, they are now in fact beginning to acquire something of a "snotty nose" brigade image themselves!. Why? Well after several years being being touted as the supplier of ipods and iphones to a (perceived) younger,more street wise clientèle, they have now released the ipad, a device which, from what i have seen of it so far, seems to have taken several steps backwards as regards being a portable, unobtrusive personal device!.
Apparently the ipad has NO disk drive(DVD/CD) and NO USB ports, combine this with NO Web-cam and NO support for Flash Player and you start to realise that far from being the jack of all trades, it appears to be more of a master of none!
I have now come to the conclusion that when people buy something such as the ipad just to be able to say "I have one", they have crossed the line and have then become something of a "techno lemming", who's main concern is to own the latest gadget simply because they want to show off to their friends!......more money than sense as some would say!.

P.S the picture at the top of this post is REAL!...people really do want to integrate their ipad with their clothing...just hope that they remember to take it out before they stick their clothes in the wash...then again it is not exactly small in size is it ?

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