Friday, 7 May 2010

UK may have a hung parliament!....So they should be....all of em!


Oh alright then...just a few of them, due to the fiasco about expenses and the downright idiotic things that some of these pillocks were claiming (Cleaning garden moats, buying porn DVD's for their spouses etc).
As per usual in Sleaford we have (not me!) elected a Conservative MP, the one that has been brought in to replace Mr Douglas "Dirty Moat" Hogg recently.
Still waiting for the final result later today, but lets just hope that whatever the outcome, we end up with a few descent people in our "new" parliament who don't use the job to simply line their own pockets whilst their constituents are finding it hard to make ends meet !

As Sir Winston Churchill so aptly put it in 1902 "politicians are asked to stand, want to sit and are expected to lie.". Little has changed in 108 years!

Watch this space! :-)


Britain has a hung Parliament after an inconclusive result to the most tightly fought General Election in a generation.

With the votes in 36 constituencies still to be counted, David Cameron's Conservatives had secured 289 seats - making it impossible for them to reach the 326 threshold for an overall majority - setting the scene for behind-the-scenes horse-trading possibly stretching into the weekend and beyond, as the parties struggle to form a viable administration.

Told ya so! :-) this is where the fun starts!


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