Thursday, 24 June 2010

Amazing images of the 2010 World Cup on my HD television


What an amazing experience it has been this month watching the 2010 World Cup played out in glorious High Definition on my Sony Bravia.

The detail that can be picked out is quite breathtaking, and has certainly convinced me of the benefits of being able to watch my football in such an awesome format.

Highlights so far:

The stunning clarity of watching numerous footballing legends "flobbing" (Spitting) phlegm onto the various football pitches...all the glorious goo captured in amazing high definition slow motion.

Being able to see at last , yet again due due to the awesome slow motion facility of HD,the absolute prats overpaid players make of themselves when undertaking ludicrous "fake" falls to secure free kicks and penalties!........glorious.

Witnessing several unpunished and blatant hand ball offences,not seen by the ref or linesmen, but clearly witnessed by myself and several million HD viewers!.

It appears that even with all of their money and celebrity, the modern football player seems oblivious to the fact that no matter how well you fake your foul,injury or handball, there is no escape from the all seeing eye of the HD quality broadcast....will somebody please tell them this and stop them making such total prats of themselves :-)...oh, and how about letting the referee have a look at the footage....i am sure it may make him reconsider some of his decisions !

The beautiful game? Perhaps.....but cheating is still absolutely essential if you want to win,and without the "B'stard in black" having access to TV replays (due to FIFA rules!),it appears that unscrupulous players will be able to claim such things as "the hand of god" for many more years to come.


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