Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Anthony Nolan Trust.New Corporate branding on the way.


Following a Wilkinsons lorry into work this morning I noted that it carried an advertisement on it's rear proclaiming that Wilkinsons had chosen the Anthony Nolan Trust as it's charity for 2010. This of course is great news for the charity, but I can't say that I have decided about the new logo's design!.

The previous corporate logo for the charity had their name on it, and alongside it had a stylised Daisy picture.Underneath it carried the message " Taking lives back from Leukaemia". I always thought that this was quite a good design as it told the reader A) the name of the charity, B)Had a simple Daisy (Anthony's favourite flower) as its recognisable symbol, and C) told the reader of the advert something about what the charity does....."Takes lives back from Leukaemia". Great 8-).

Now the new logo has dispensed with the daisy and instead has the charities name alone, with lines joining the letters A,O and N together to symbolise a match (tissue types). The wording underneath simply says "Be a match,save a life".......not very explicit as to what the charity actually does...unless you know already!.
This year Leukaemia Research also updated their branding, but this was due to a name change (to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research) and a 50th anniversary celebration,but they held on to their Forget me not flower (although it was more stylised), and they also still tell the reader that they are "Beating blood cancers"so they explain their business.

I have to be honest at this point and say that I am not entirely convinced that the undoubtedly large amount of money that will have to be spent in new website design,letterheads and all other "old" branding was really necessary...what does everyone else think?

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Anonymous said...

gutted, as a past doner i allways suport them when ever i can, as i did my own event last august and planing an even bigger event august 2011 i picked up a lot of suport along the way just because people new the logo instantley, dont like the new logo one bit, just dont think it grabs your attention, "if it aint broke why fix it " whould like to know how much it cost its not what it aint what i raised mony for