Saturday, 12 June 2010

We're off to Tredegar House Classic Car Show today....

After an early start I have spent the day making final checks to the car, finding all of our sleeping bags and packing some grub! :-)

As usual I am putting my faith in "Yoda" my trusty SatNav, although (as Glen will tell you!) he does have a habit of sometimes sending you on what I would call "Scenic Routes"......slight detours from what I would consider the sensible way to get from A to B!.

We hope to be at the venue by 7:30 PM so that we (I!) can get to see the kick off of the England V USA soon as we find someone or somewhere with a telly.

Just like to thank the folks over at Cranwell Service Station who,after hearing of my trip, offered to give my £20 fuel to get us on our way....thanks again for that, always nice to get some assistance with my running costs :-)

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