Friday, 11 June 2010

Scirocco Stolen in Sheffield.Have you seen it? J723 LNH

Sadly I have read on the Scirocco club register that one of our members has had their Scirocco Stolen overnight.

It is a 1992 (J) Scirocco GT2 in Tornado Red.Point to note is that the door mirrors are black not colour coded in red as is standard on this model.Also the alloys are not standard fit but BBS after market.

If you are driving around and happen to see this car (pictured above),please use this blog to report your sighting and I will pass on the details to the authorities.

The takers of the car must be quite stupid anyway as these cars are so rare on our roads that they stand out like a sore thumb!. I only see about 3 other Mk1 or Mk2 Scirocco's a year during my 86 mile trip to work and back...and I know most of their owners personally!.

So, if you see this car, please,please do get in touch (via comments) and I will pass the info on to the cars owner.



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