Friday, 18 June 2010

Vuvuzela news.........OR..,"The world cup gets the Horn!"


This particular piece of football supporters kit has made the news so much recently that I thought it apt to post at least one comment about it on my blog!

Vuvuzela,Lepatata or just plain "stadium horn", this simple instrument (if that is not too grand a title!) has had people talking,arguing and blowing since the beginning of the 2010 world cup, mostly because to some it is a great traditional supporters gadget, but to others it is the reason that all you can hear during a match is an infernal background noise!

Having watched most of the world cup matches so far,I tend to agree with those who think that although the Vuvuzela is a traditional part of South African Football, it is way,way overused, and,rather than enhance the atmosphere, it can ruin the experience for many non Vuvu fans.

Whilst most celebratory devices (drums,trumpets,rattles,air horns etc) are used on an occasional basis, and to celebrate an event in the match such as a goal being scored, Vuvuzela "players" tend to simply produce a a constant noise throughout the match, which has even lead to players expressing their annoyance at not being able to hear such unimportant things such as the Referee blowing his whistle!

Put it this way.If the noise was being produced by a faulty PA (Public Address) system, constantly emitting a monotone feedback throughout the game...would the "traditionalists" be so willing to put up with it ?

Anyway, here are links to a few more reports about the Vuvuzela and it's place in this years world cup celebrations:

You can even get an "iVuvuzela" App for your iPhone!

This is by no means the first time that the Vuvuzela has caused a stir.........

Love 'em or hate 'em I have a feeling that the Vuvuzela is here to stay! :-)



nannas23 said...

I am football mad, which I suppose is a bit unusual for a grandma, but I must admit these horns are driving me your blog tho !!

nannas23 said...

I am footie mad, which I suppose is a bit unusual for a Grandma. However, these horns are driving me to destruction. Love your blog tho, well done !!