Tuesday, 1 June 2010

DON'T JOIN TALK TALK ! If you want good service


Their customer services REALLY ARE A JOKE!. But not in any funny sort of way :-)

My experience so far has been, lets say,a little annoying!. After getting my name wrong on the Welcome pack (used my first name as my Surname!),NOT sending me my requested Wireless Router (Which, by the way TalkTalk,I DID ask for!),Sending me random bills which simply demanded money but contained no explanation as to what for!, and then, when I contacted customer service (an oxymoron if ever there was one!) I spent 35 minutes listening to their BL**DY company jingle before being spoken too briefly by a REAL PERSON to then, after 5 more minutes listening to another annoying jolly tune, being CUT OFF because the call centre closed...brilliant!

Please folks.....take it from someone who has had the (sad) experience of being a customer...don't join this AWFUL,Impersonal and unhelpful service......save your cash,buy a mobile,get wireless broadband...but don't join TALK TALK.....you have been warned !.

So,to summarise:

If you like your friends and would like to keep them...please don't recommend TALK TALK to them.

If you want good customer services...don't join TALK TALK.

If you DO love listening to the same song on hold,played over and over again for half an hour...DO join TALK TALK!.

Open letter:

Dear TalkTalk. I have a suggestion for you regarding cutting down on the insane amount of time that you expect your "valued" customers to spend listening to your jingle whilst awaiting connection to a member of your staff (honestly, it's like the musical equivalent of Chinese water torture!).

Bright Idea!

Why don't you allow people to call you.Leave their contact number for your call centre staff to pick up, then they could call the customer back when your staff are free to talk! Not bl**dy rocket science is it?

Some of my more perceptive readers may sense that I am not happy with my TalkTalk broadband provider. The sad fact is that as with all large companies, they spend so much time trying to get new customers onto their books that they don't appear to give a dogs danglies about their existing clients......such is the way of the modern world,all things are not fair in love...or broadband!.


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