Wednesday, 10 November 2010

10/11/10.On this day 2 years ago...................

Joel Picker Spence lost his courageous battle with his Leukaemia. I remember getting the text from his mum Ann the next day simply saying "Joel Passed away last night". I remember the feelings of sorrow and disbelief that this happy,amazing 7 year old had finally been defeated by this awful disease. Yet Joel had not been beaten.He had not "lost" his battle with Leukaemia. He had fought like a tiger and laughed in the face of his foe with a passion and determination that we should all take an example from. Joel Picker Spence played his part in ensuring that one day Leukaemia will be wiped from the face of this earth and no one else will have to suffer it's torment and cruel effects, he raised awareness and raised money and his mum Ann is still involved in doing exactly that as we speak.
I wore my poppy with pride today, a day before the "official" Remembrance Day because I was remembering a special little soldier, no, I was remembering many thousands of soldiers who have fought and lost their own personal battle, but who's efforts, bravery and examples will one day surely lead to us winning this war with Leukaemia.

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