Friday, 26 November 2010

Heavy snow arrives in the UK.


It's not here yet in Lincolnshire but hopefully it won't be too long coming !. I am just a big kid at heart and always love that point when the first snow arrives and starts to settle.I love to watch it fall at nigh time, ideally standing below a streetlight so that I can watch the flakes falling to earth illuminated by the soft orange glow, and the wonderful eerie silence that you get when the streets are covered in a soft,white, untouched blanket of the stuff.

The only downside (except for the huge heating bill!) is the problems it causes when driving around. Last year I had a but of a bump with the Skoda when the ice on the road caught me out as I turned into a side street. The car decided it wasn't going to go the way I had asked it too, and had a slight "coming together" with the kerb!. Cost me over £200 for a new wishbone and track rod end plus a nasty dent in my alloy!.....Mmmmm, maybe snow is not all good news after all :-)

But it's great though isn't it?



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