Monday, 29 November 2010

Leslie Nielson,one of my Comedy Heroes, has died aged 84.


"Surely you can't be serious?". "Yes I am,...... and stop calling me Shirley!". Yes Mr Leslie Nielson, a megastar of the comedy big screen has sadly passed away over the weekend...and I am gutted!.

Police Squad,Naked Gun,Repossessed and of course Airplane1 and 2 (plus others I just can't think of right now through this blur of tears!).

"We need to get this man to a hospital!".Why, what is it? "It's a large building full of patients but that's not important right now!"

"Doing nothing is very hard to never know when you're finished.”

and the unforgettable "Nice Beaver", "Why thank you, I just had it stuffed"!.

I could go on,and on,and on...etc quoting line after line that this wonderful guy spoke in his many side splitting roles, but hey, why don't you just go and dig out/rent or buy one of his many films and then just sit down, raise your glass and make a toast to Mr Leslie Neilson, actor,comedian and all round nice bloke who we have sadly now had to bid farewell too. Thanks for the laughs Leslie, you will be sadly missed.......sorry, i must stop calling you Sally! :-)

To listen to some of Leslies finest quotes, click HERE.


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