Monday, 15 November 2010

We can't go to the A-HA Concert now!


Sadly, due to the recent disasters involving broken washing machines, leaking baths and elderly cars in need of serious fettling,the descision has been taken that to get these things sorted we need to make some fast cash, and so, sadly, our tickets for the A-HA concert on Sunday will have to be sold (sob!).

I feel really gutted as I had been looking forward to this gig, one of thier last in the UK, for months, but as the old saying goes "needs must" so I have now advertised the pair of area AB tickets for sale.

Oh well, at least with this sacrifice we may still be able to tow old Santa Claus in his sleigh in December !. The things I do for charity eh!
21/11/10 A-HA,

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