Saturday, 13 November 2010

Oh no.Yet more repairs needed to the Scirocco :-(


Its been a really bad couple of months now for the Scirocco and the list of repairs seems to just keep growing.

2 months ago the bulkhead had to be welded after it cracked. The clutch cable had to be replaced twice due to the unnoticed bulkhead problem damaging the replacement cable also!. Then the rocker cover gasket failed causing oil to leak onto the exhaust manifold and thus cause rather noxious fumes in the cabin when I was sat in traffic "cough"!.
The rear brake shoes wore out and seized on which required them to be replaced. The front brake pads are getting close to limits and the front shock absorbers are now in dire need of replacement.
Yesterday (after still suffering from a VERY stiff clutch pedal problem) I concluded that it is probably due to the pressure plate or the thrust bearing in the clutch assembly being worn out, this will require a whole new clutch to be fitted.
I also have an MOT which expires on the 7th December and,more worryingly,an appointment to tow Santa Clause in Mansfield on the 4th December......and to make life even more interesting things are not what you would call "flush" in relation to finances :-(.

Estimates for the work (including MOT) are between £500-£600 and of course Christmas is only 46 days away and I have already had provisional "wish lists" from my 3 children.......this is going to be an interesting month for me!

People often say I am mad to drive such an old car 86 miles a day 4 days a week to work and back. They ask why I don't sell the Scirocco and buy a "sensible" car?Why drive a car that,at the best,will only do 39 MPG as apposed to a modern diesel which could get me 60+ MPG? The answer is simple but complex (does that make sense?).

I LOVE driving my Mk2 Scirocco, it is FUN!
In order to buy and insure another car I would have to sell my Scirocco, and that ain't gonna happen!
I don't want to be bored to death and blend in with the countless others driving "clone" cars every day....i like to be different :-)
I guess you could say that in my case the heart definitely rules the head :-)

I guess that running a 23 year old car as a "daily driver" has it's drawbacks. Most cars of this age are tucked up in a garage and only come out to play at special occasions,weekends and bank holidays, still, can't complain about the clutch really, 23 years and 145'000 miles ain't bad is it?

Note to Volkswagen UK. I you talk to me really nicely I MAY consider letting you replace My Mk2 for a modern Mk3 Scirocco, but it MUST be red, it MUST have a tow bar fitted, and I MUST be allowed to keep my current Rocco, even though I am sure you would probably like to stick her in your museum !

Right, now I just need to sit down and figure out how to make £500 in the next 7 days!

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