Sunday, 28 November 2010

Pakistan Air crash. Georgian Registered Ilyushin IL-76 (MGC-4412) Cargo Crashes after take off.


An Ilyushin IL-76 Similar to the one involved.

Yet more bad news in the world as an Ilyushin IL-76 Cargo Plane, bound for the Sudan with 31 tons of humanitarian aid, crashes 2 minutes after take of from Karachi Airport. Witnesses told of a fire in one of the right hand engines shortly before the aircraft hit the ground.

The aircraft was operated by Sun Way Airlines based in Georgia.All 8 members of the crew, thought to be Russian, were lost in the tragedy. No certain numbers for those who lost their lives on the ground have yet been confirmed.

The aeroplane came down in a suburb of Karachi which housed officers serving with the Navy.It is possible that the death toll was limited due to the major part of the aircraft landing upon building that were unpopulated or being constructed.

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