Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thomas Niedt,amazing charity runner,we salute you!


Who is Thomas Niedt? Well he is one of many "unsung hero's" that raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, and in this case Tom has raised in excess of £80'000 !.
Sadly, due to ill health, Tom will now be hanging up his running shoes but has vowed to keep supporting LLR in other ways.
Tom became involved in raising money for the charity after the death of his son Dominic due to Leukaemia in 2000.

Tom said: “We did it as a way of working through our grief, and wanted to do something positive in Dominic’s memory, and it has helped enormously to work through it". “At this moment in time I don’t think anyone will be taking it (the running club) over, but we would love it if somebody did.”

To read more about this story click HERE.

Well done Thomas and your fellow runners.It is through the efforts of people like you who "go the extra mile" (no pun intended) that LLR is achieving such great success in it's research these days.

Well Done -)



Anonymous said...

This is not the man we know and respect.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you are a very sad individual who cannot even give your name, but happy to share pathetic comments!

He retired 15 years ago from full employment, where he was highly respected by all his staff. He has worked for the community tirelessly and for Leukaemia Research.

This is slanderers comment by a coward.

Andy Ward said...

A comment was placed on this post by an anonymous individual which was both untrue and nasty. Tomas is a very generous and kind man who did a fantastic job in his tireless support of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. The comment has been removed and I wish to extend my apologies to Tomas and his family for any distress caused.