Sunday, 21 November 2010

Car Sorted...just need to put interior back in now!


At long last it appears that Scarlett's clutch woes have finally been resolved after she spent a weekend away at my local Pitstop Garage in Sleaford.

The problem with a VERY heavy clutch has been plaguing the car for a few months now after a clutch cable snapped in September, but, after a lot of work being carried out including:

New clutch 3 part assembly (Cover,pressure plate and bearing)
New Clutch Cables (x3)
Bulkhead reinforcing plate welded on
New rear Brake shoes
New front Brake pads
New front shock absorbers
New rocker cover gasket

the problem appears to now be sorted out.

Once again, many thanks to the boys at Pitstop garage in Sleaford for a quick and efficient bit of work which has helped to keep the Rocco on the road for a bit longer....well until December when her MOT is due to be renewed!

Today I will be refitting the trays and covers from underneath the dashboard which have been left off for several weeks now so that I could keep an eye on, and fiddle with, the clutch cable as required.

I must say that the car feels so much easier to drive now that I don't have to stand on the clutch to change gear!. I have noticed though that due to the extra force required to press the pedal, my left leg appears much larger than my right! Does that mean I will have to press the accelerator down harder to balance things up?.......Not sure if Mr Plod would accept that excuse if he catches me going a bit quick though! "Sorry officer, I am just trying to build up the muscles in my right leg to match those in my left one, I need the exercise....honest!"

Have a nice day :-)


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