Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Burglars ransack home of late Emmerdale chief Gavin Blyth


I just could not believe this story when I found it today posted on the Click Lancashire Website.

"Callous thieves burgled the home of Emmerdale boss Gavin Blyth while his widow was away attending his funeral, it has emerged.

Suzy Blyth has appealed for the return of of personal effects, including a passport and laptop computer that were taken from the couple's Yorkshire home".

As Gavin was being laid to rest by his family some callous, lowlife waste of skin and bone broke into his family home and stole several items including his wife's laptop which contained some very personal and precious data.

Who in gods name does such a thing to anyone, never mind someone who is,at the time, attending her husbands funeral.

If you know anything about this despicable crime, please,please get in touch with the authorities on 0113 241 4888, and let them know the details.If you don't want to contact the police then just leave an anonymous comment on this blog and I will pass the info on for you.

For the whole story click HERE to visit the Click Lancashire Website.


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