Friday, 3 December 2010

TalkTalk Charge Customers for Mobile Calls to France that they didn't make!


I received my TalkTalk bill the other day and after looking at the amount due for the month I wondered why it seemed to be a lot higher than normal.

After a look at the breakdown of the charges I was surprised to find that on the 15th and 17th November I had made 3 phone-calls to a mobile number in France!. Even stranger was the fact that the mobile number in question was my own!.....with an 0033 prefix.

I am quite sure that if I had been in France for 3 days in November I would have remembered, so I called the Talktalk customer services, and, after several minutes being forced to listen to their awful "Neon Rainbow" jingle, I got to speak to one of their advisers who confirmed that there was indeed a known "glitch" in the system which had routed some calls via France!.

My bill was therefore an extra £12+ more for the month of November,than it should have been, and apparently I will be getting a refund pretty soon.

I suggest that other Talktalk customers check their bills a little closer this month just to make sure that you have not been charged for the same little "extra"!.

To visit the TalkTalk website click HERE.




arshad said...

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Andy said...

many thanks for the comment arshad.It's always good to know people read my ramblings :-).Andy